Friday, May 17, 2013

Letter #9 - Temporary Physical Beauty, the Renassaissance of the Woman as Queen of Civilization, and Selective Breeding

"He looked at her as a man looks at a faded flower he has gathered, with difficulty recognizing in it the beauty for which he picked” – Tolstoy (Anna Karenina)

"And you're sorry that the ephemeral beauty has faded so rapidly, so irretrievably, that it flashed so deceptively and pointlessly before your eyes” – Dostoyevsky

"I'd rather be thought of as smart, capable, strong, and compassionate than beautiful. Those things all persist long after beauty fades." – Cassandra Duffy

“Beauty is the first present nature gives to women and the first it takes away.” – George Brossin

My daughters, beautiful and strong and intelligent…

I have always stressed your intellectual development and placed emphasis on critical thinking, ethics, and dedication to self- and family advancement and self-discipline.  While physical beauty is ephemeral or temporary, the qualities that you will, or have, developed within yourself will be the pillars of the life you live, the contributions you make to society, and the example you set for your children.  The goal for families like our own, those that have emerged out of the lower economic working class, should be to advance our position and the position of our children while strengthening the economic, moral, political, intellectual and social structure of our local communities (which if undertaken by enough small unit families within enough communities can bring positive national reform).  As women, you are the leaders of society, culture, and family…while you are also the force behind building and strengthening the pillars of future generations.  This responsibility is not an easy task, especially in a society of consumerism that is morally degenerated by the mass produced images of sexism, the exploitation of physical sexuality, and false images of how a so-called real woman is depicted (usually half naked, or in a sexually degrading position, or stereotyped as over-hysterical).  In a population of working class masses divided by race, ethnicity, religion and economics….the controllers of capital have found one further element to divide working class populations in order to prevent them from collective advancement and positive reform, and this is the splintering (and eventual break down) of the family unit by pitting man against woman and father against mother.  These destroyers of culture are slick in their mass production of promoting loose morality, “free love” and violent pornography, and the infamous individual dramas that are so heavily glamorized in the flood of media entertainment (which is often subconsciously and consciously mimicked by youth and uneducated adults alike).  The boundaries of these inorganic norms and values become more damaging and destructive to family units, communities and nation with each decade.  Yet, we can’t honestly blame the complete degeneration of a society of these owners of mass capital (who poison the minds of Americans through mass production) without first taking responsibility of our own intellectual and educational conditions and developmental voids which have left ourselves and our children vulnerable to such heavily repeated and glamorized images of desensitized degradation. 

You, the women, are the solution.  Physical beauty is temporary and fades with age.  Therefore it is vital for you, as a leader and example to society, to build your confidence, self-worth, mental stamina and moral discipline to be as strong and powerful as can be possibly attained.  Never stop evolving mentally or intellectually.  There is nothing more pathetic, and damaging to society, than a woman who has been forced to rely solely on physical beauty (and sex appeal), who is left empty, insecure, uneducated and lost after that exterior beauty and sex appeal has faded away.

The falsehood of fast fame based on physical beauty:

Take a look at the amount of your peers that are pursuing modeling, dancing or singing paths with irrational expectations of possible fast fame and fortune with nothing substantial to fall back on.  Pursuits in useless, short-lived areas such as these are a fool’s path that, in the vast majority of cases, results to exploitation or lost time (and money).  It is much wiser to build your intellect, devise your long term plan, and develop self-worth and further confidence that will outlast physical beauty.  Of course, there will always be that half-wit liberal voice in the wind crying “Let them shoot for their dreams!” or “You never know until you try!”  Is it even possible to explain to a sleeping dreamer the harsh realities and challenges of the real world ahead?  Modeling is based on consumerism, as singing and dancing is.  These fields are usually only accessible at the lowest levels aimed at exploitive consumerism based on sex appeal or individual exploitation.  Do you know how much pay that a half-dressed woman who shakes her ass and chest in a music video gets paid?  What is worse is that our ignorant American youth who pursue to be exploited by modeling and the various entertainment fields have no understanding of the actual economic structure of these fields, nor do they understand the demographics of ownership.  There are so many con-artists with ulterior motives in these so-called entertainment fields, each licking their lips for the lost lower economic girl with no educational development.  So-called professional photographers will eventual work to persuade you into skimpy swimwear and soon after out of your clothing with promises of modeling fame and fortune; while the unaffiliated lower parasites of music and acting industry, who lie about their connections, promise the world while trying to rub up against and seduce women.  Intelligent and confident women do not get bamboozled in this manner.  It is better for your future and the future of your children to build yourself mentally, morally, and economically in order to stand on your own and not be vulnerable to such exploitation and empty promises of fool’s gold.  Young women with well-developed mental stamina and strong confidence are usually immune to the false lures of this crooked path.  Sadly, it is usually the young women who are led into adulthood without positive mentorship that have been left uneducated, emotionally undisciplined and intellectually deficient, and thrown into the adult world while unaware, in symbolic Little Red Riding Hood fashion, of the social ills and traps waiting.  What is worse is when a vicious cycle develops.  One of the most despicable and lowest trends of our current society can be seen with these mentally diseased mothers painting heavy make-up on the faces of young girls (as young as 2) and dressing them in modeling outfits while prancing them across a beauty contest stage.  These poor girls first lesson in life focuses on the importance of a deteriorating physical shell, and many of them will be doomed to emotional insecurity.  My daughters, the futures are yours and the decisions of the future are yours.

The male suitors:

Sometimes I wonder just how much women truly understand the heart, minds and souls of men and, in return, how much men understand women.  I assume the answer falls with the mind and intellectual understanding of the beholder.  I, as a father and a man, feel that I understand women to some extent.  I have studied women since I was born.  I studied my mother for many years and came to understand a particular form of strength within women that does not exist in men, especially when it comes to their children.  I have studied, and gave thanks, for the strength, discipline and wisdom of your mother.  In my early youth and early adulthood, I chased the pretty girls with their physical beauty and hollow minds, as I also had no substantial thought process or education in my head.  Without intellectual development and understanding of society or history, I myself did not understand what the most prominent and most vital qualities of a woman were.  This pre-self-education epoch in my youth provides much mental thought today in my older years as I can now see my errors in those physical beauties I pursued in romance.  The largest error was that these pursuits were solely based on physical beauty and temporary romance and were not designed for longevity, mutual interests and goals, or mental stimulation.  How many young couples have made a life-long commitment and brought children into the world based on temporary physical attraction or illusionary romance, with no other structural bonds between them, which have resulted in divorce and the disbursement and separation of the children (which hinders development and advancement)?

My beautiful daughters, the male suitors will be coming to court you with sweet words and flowers.  I have no doubts.  The moral of the story above (about your father) is to be wary of a handsome face and a dashing smile with only foolishness, immaturity, ignorance and emptiness behind it.  Without inner substance, there is nothing but plastic.  Without a passion for future development or the desire to better themself, there is only plastic.  A Ken doll is unable to properly raise children, nor can it reform a future society, nor can it provide and protect for you or your family.  Without mental and intellectual substance, the Ken doll can only look handsome.  One thing I have never been able to figure out is why women allow the condition of men to remain so base and so uncivilized in nature.  Perhaps it is because many women have lost the identity of who they really; mothers of civilization and leaders of society.  In our current culture, it is the male that pursues the female most of the time.  One element of social reform would be for women not to settle for barbaric, immature, foolish, ignorant or selfish suitors.  By rejecting these weak character traits in suitors, men would eventually reform themselves to achieve levels expected from the leaders of our society, the women that they seek to win the hearts of.

This brings up the wolf.  Men have been, and always will be, physically attracted to your beauty and your body, and many men, especially in this degenerated society, will say all the nice and romantic words that can they conjure upon their lips to have you.  I hope by the time you analyze this letter that you understand this game, can identify the wolves from the good men, and have come through your youth with a better understanding of such ridiculous social norms and values (of dating).  Once again, develop your mind and make men respect you for more than your physical body and your physical beauty.  If only you could hear the way a good majority of men speak of women in a room of only men listeners.  Disrespectful could not define it.  Perhaps this is men’s way of showing off and proving themselves to other men, but it is uncivilized at best.  Keep in mind that there are multiple levels to the wolf.  I strongly advise you to research sexual assault and rape statistics, news reports and crime trends.  Always protect yourself.  While the stranger who grabs the young women from the bus stop is real, the wolves you know and work alongside of, with sweet words and intoxicating liquors, are more numerous in number.  I pray God gives you wisdom and protects you as a woman in this Sodom and Gomorrah culture.  It can look so innocent.

A man desires a woman in two ways: 1) physical attraction and 2) her characteristics, attributes, and qualities.  As we have noted, physical beauty fades with age just as physical attraction loses magnetism.  It doesn’t mean that physical attraction evaporates altogether, only that it diminishes over time.  It is animalistic in nature.  The attraction to inner-characteristics doesn’t diminish, and the characteristics that a man is attracted to can clearly illustrate the characteristics of that man.  For example: there is an old humorous saying about “liking bad girls”.  What does this tell you about a man’s mind state?  What does it tell you about the characteristics he desires?  What does it tell you about the characteristics he is made of?  A man who like “submissive” girls?  Many men have control issues.  Do not tolerate anything less than equality in a relationship.  From the other side of the perspective, there are many men in this world, hopefully a growing number, that value intelligence, morality, humility, honesty and other positive life-long qualities.  Read the characteristics of men closely, my daughters, because suitors will mask their true characters during the early phases of courting or relationships.  You, as a woman and future mother, should want your self-worth, intelligence and character to be what attracts, and demands respect, from a suitor….instead of simple outer beauty and sexuality.  Why be one-dimensional?  Enjoy the youth and the beauty you have, but build your inner-character and mental strength for your entire life.  Mere beauty does not demand respect.

A mentally and intellectually developed, emotionally disciplined, and confident woman, one that does not concern themselves with the petty judgments of others, is not denied respect in society.  She is impossible to deny respect!  Do not tolerate foolishness from men, nor pettiness from anyone.  Do not waste time with a dead beat man without a solid work ethic, without morals, without well thought out rational plans, without desires to better himself, and without a livelihood.  To do such is the same as self-destruction.  Build yourself and set personal development goals to the highest levels and work hard within society to a position where you will never be forced to solely rely for your subsistence on a man (economically, domestically, emotionally, or elsewise).  Too many “empty” women find themselves emotional slaves to a man.  He becomes all they have, because they have nothing in themselves.  When a man breaks off relationship or betrays the relationship…the woman is often left in social or economic disarray, sadness, and depression (sometimes with children to take care of).  It is also this emotional bondage that keeps women in abusive relationships where she is disrespected, beaten and demoralized.  Look at the reports of domestic violence in today’s society.  Look at all the news reports of husbands murdering wives, wives murdering husbands, Husbands or wives murdering children (to get revenge as a jilted lover).  This trend is a sign of weak character and weak emotional discipline, not to mention serious moral disease).  It is a sickness.  I pray neither of you ever place yourself anywhere near a position of such uncivilized depravity and mental captivity.

You, the woman, should be respected, protected and honored above all else in society.  You are the temple that creates life.  Yet, the owners of capital and their mass produced inorganic popular culture (through television, music, radio and internet) has fooled our previous, and the current, generations to view women as mere meat, property, sexual objects and a weaker gender when you, the women of our nation, are the concrete pillars of society, the Queens of this planet, and the mothers of human civilization.  Look around you and see how our future mothers are willingly defiling and disrespecting their physical bodies, the temple through which life is created, with piercings, ink and depravity.  How did an entire society come to this low point?  It is upon you and your peers to break this vicious cycle of uncivilized tricknology, and teach the daughters of tomorrow through your actions in this generation.  Every man and woman should protect the righteous and learned woman; woe to the uncivilized devil that strikes one of our mothers of civilization and shameful disgrace should rain down on the man who allows this crime to occur within his awareness.

Selective Breeding:

I’m sure this is an awkward sub-title concerning the main topic of this letter, but it is an area I thought worthy of consideration.  A week ago EJ and I were working some home educational assignments on science and covered the concept of selective breeding.  Some of the examples we discussed were the Kentucky Derby and pedigree dog shows (both events worthless to society).  I explained to her the process of selective breeding by explaining that the most successful horse breeders only breed horses with the best qualities they are looking for: examples could be long legs, strong skeletal structure, or long necks.  Whatever the combination of physical traits is that make the fastest and most physically strong thoroughbreds, these breeders ensure that both male and female being bred possess those strongest qualities.  Anyone who has studied 6th grade science should understand how dominant and recessive genes work in reproduction.

Understanding what we know about DNA, recessive and dominant genes, and human reproduction, I began to contemplate human reproduction.  When you reach the point of considering a family, hopefully long after you have developed yourself into a well-rounded intellectual with solid morals and a contributing, self-sustaining position in society, I would have to recommend to you that you consider this scientific method.  When that period in your life arrives and you consider a relationship perspective to create a family around and birth children to, you should consider the following:  1) Hereditary diseases.  If a perspective mate comes from a family with a history of heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure, or any other health defect or life shortening disease, why would you birth children with him and risk those diseases being passed to your children?  2)  Weak DNA.  You should observe weak bone and muscle structuring (injuries), poor hearing or vision, trouble with breathing, weak immunization systems (meaning always catching colds), allergies, and any other notable weaknesses in the physical longevity or the ability to work and contribute to society and provide for family.  Why wouldn’t you consider hereditary health defects?  You must ask yourself how smart it is to create children with someone whose parents and their parents before them have developed problems with their ankles by their late 30s, or who are constantly sick, or whose hearing and vision had deteriorated early in life.  These are weak strains in DNA and are defects.  I am not telling you to base your choice solely on these considerations, but you should at minimum consider it to some extent.  3)  DNA/Mental capabilities.  I would say you SHOULD base this consideration on your decision in this field.  Not including the ignorant and the uneducated, there are book smart people and there are people that are naturally imbued with intelligence (common sense, IQ, the ability for mental reflection, understanding and critical thought) that is carried in the genes.  While conversing with your potential perspective, try to gauge his natural intelligence level.  Oh, what a fun and innocent second or third date it would be to conduct separate IQ tests together (just for fun, of course).  Why would you want to create children with a man whose hereditary intellectual genes are deficient or below average?  Do you want your children to stare into space with a blank look on their face as drool drips from their bottom lip?  Like I said, you are the queens of humanity and civilization.  It is you, the mothers of the Earth, who create life and you DO have a choice on how the DNA of that life is constructed.  I do not think many men or women consider this, probably because they are so caught up in the mass produced bullshit pumping over the movie and television screens promoting silly temporary romances based on temporary physical beauty that will one day fade away…..instead of self-building, family building, community building, nation-building, and humanity-building.